• Ted Makarewicz
    Brand Strategy | Design | Innovation

About Me

“Fix-It Ted” is a nickname I've acquired. This isn't just because of my dexterity with a pair of pliers, or that I know turning it off and then back on usually fixes it. It's because I live to find solutions by figuring things out for myself. I like to really dig into an assignment and work my way through it from the bottom up. At the core of all problems lie simple, straightforward answers, and I like finding them. I’ve never been one to sit back and let someone else do the work and I work best with people who do the same.

If you believe that people are products of their environment, then it’s important to know that my mother is an interior designer, my father is a fantastic storyteller, and that after 30 years I’ve learned how to outrun and outwit my older brother. If you believe that people are born a certain way, then you should know that I’m a Libra.

In addition to having an eye for design, strong digital know how and a strategic mindset, I know how to make balloon animals and can solve the Rubik's Cube in less than two minutes. Those, however, are my less marketable skills.


  • Graphic Design

    Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite with several years of experience in print production.

  • UX Design

    Creative Technology degree from VCU Brandcenter. Thorough knowledge of best practices and interaction design.

  • Brand Strategy

    I have 5+ years of brand vision, mission and positioning work for some of the biggest companies in the world.

  • Motion Graphics

    Proficient in After Effects. Capable of developing fully animated pieces including storyboarding, sound and assets.

  • Research

    Qualitative and quantitative. I've done recruiting, expert interviews, and ethnographies at a global level.

  • Video/Sound Editing and Design

    Pew pew! Whhhhooooosh!

Jabari Simmons
New York, New York

"Ted is a bright, strategic "big thinker," who earned the respect of his peers and agency leaders at ArnoldNYC, alike. He was always eager to take on tasks, and wasn't afraid to go beyond the immediate ask, to ask the right questions, and to bring "a little something extra."

Ryan Ku
San Francisco, California

"Ted is that rare type of teammate who just magically makes everyone around him better. His "I can figure that out" attitude elevated not only the work but the capacity and range of the entire office. Calling him a swiss army knife would be a disservice but Ted is the kind of thinker/maker that you can drop into almost any project and have the confidence that great things will happen. He has an authentic passion for great work and solving puzzles– which made him indispensable as we were tasked with many "unsolvable" puzzles in our time working together."

Past Projects

If you're interested in the work I've done, please reach out. I am happy to provide examples and explain my involvement. Here are some projects you might be interested in talking about.